Response to Lawsuit Dismissal: Gibson vs Brad Livingston

Letter from V, post dated 4/16/2019:

I have not received a copy of the court’s ruling shooting down my appeal nor have I heard from my attorney concerning this but from what I’ve been told and read concerning this, the court really really screwed me! If you don’t believe that the court system is corrupt, all you have to do is read the blog by: Maxwell S. Kenerly –
the Fifth Circuit Abandons the rule of law to spite a trans…!

It is so obvious that Judge Ho clearly abandoned well established law and boldly rejected evidence that unequivocally proves that TDCJ violated my constitutional rights to enforce a blanket ban on SRS! I won’t lie, this ruling hurts me deeply and solidifies my belief that the ruling elite to to be put on trial for human right violates and expeditiously executed. Of course with the full benefit of due process of Law! Smile!

For years the court system have allowed prison officials to get away with beating inmates, denying us medical care, murdering inmates, allowing gay inmates to be beaten and raped by coward ass gang members, and there is basically nothing we can do about it! If we can’t trust the court and believe that it will protect us- what are we supposed to do? When I came to prison, I was beaten and raped and when I told the guards what was happening, I was told: “stop acting like a bitch and man up.” So I made a knife and killed the next inmate that jumped on me. But I got in trouble! Then I realized that I could not defend myself – I would have to learn a better way to defend myself and I thought the law would protect me – But time after time, the court system has abandoned me!

Time after time, I have proven that prison officials have abused me and violated my constitutional rights and regardless if I’m not an attorney, I have adequately litigated my claims, paying close attention to what the law requires me to provide, etc, and despite this, the court ignores my claims and denies my lawsuits, etc.

For an example, in my lawsuit challenging TDCJ’s blanket ban on SRS- Federal law clearing states that: prison officials cannot deny a medical care based on a blanket policy denying medical care. Rather the denial has to be based on a medical determination. I proved that TDCJ is enforcing a systemic ban on SRS and it flat out refuses to allow a gender specialist to even evaluate trans prisoners to determine if SRS is medically necessary. Yet, the court rejects this and finds some Bullshit to deny my appeal! But when it comes to protecting corrupt cops, prison guards, etc, not only do they follow the laws that makes it extremely difficult to win, they straight up create roadblocks that makes it hard to win on appeal by finding a lot of procedural errors, etc, to bar the claims, etc.

The reason the courts do this is, because the laws are designed to make it hard for prisoners to beat the prison system. Prison guards violate inmates so much, that if the court did follow the law – the prison system would be bankrupted!

Regardless what the court decides, I’m not giving up! I plan – well – I’m requesting my attorney request an en banc review. Hopefully the court will grant it, and this corrupt ruling will inspire attorneys and other to help me and other trans prisoners fight the system.

Love ya,