A Crying Shame

Letter from Vanessa, post date 8/22/2017

I think it is a crying shame that Trump has the authority to legally ban all Trans peopled from the Armed Forces because the Army does not want to pay for Gender Treatment!  These wonderful brave people have devoted their life to protect us and the government is stripping them of their dreams and dignity because they are Transgender!  This is a crime because it is work force discrimination and it violates the U.S. Constitution!

Surely Trump doesn’t believe that Trans people are joining the army solely so they can get a sex change!  This is preposterous and shallow minded!  A lot of these people joined the Army way before the government even approved for trans soldiers to get sex changes!  Let’s say it is true- so what?  A lot of soldiers joined the army to get benefits like the GI benefits!  The GE benefits far exceed the cost of gender treatment, yet the government is not expelling these soldiers from the army!

Truth be told, the Army hasn’t even paid for one Trans soldier to get a sex change, and out of the 15,000 Trans Soldiers, a very few, if any have applied for a sex change!  So to expel Trans Soldiers from the Armed Forces based on this potential cost is absurd and a shame because these people devoted their life to protect us under the realistic potentials of being killed or severely hurt!

These selfless qualities don’t diminish the Army’s fighting force, it enhances it!  Not one war or battle has ever been lost because of a person’s Gender Identity!  If anything else, idiots like Trump lose wars and get people killed!

All of these excuses are all bold face lies to mask their true agenda which is to promote far right religious attack on Gays, Queers, and Trans people, and before long, they will be attacking gay marriages!  If we don’t stand up and fight back we can’t get mad at anyone but ourselves when the police are kicking in our doors, beating us and throwing us in prison!  If you don’t think this is possible, you need to study history and pay attention to the news!  Trans people are already being murdered and gay people are being attacked!