Happy Birthday Vanessa!

This year I had the best birthday that I ever experienced!  Thanks to my sister X I got to meet Nell and Anya, and some other friends of mine.  I never really expected this much support!  I’m totally blowed away!  I love you X and to answer your question: Hell NO I will never get sick of seeing you!  LOL!

I also received 37 letters this month from Jan 22 supporters.  It was awesome to know so many people care!  Thank you!

Then I got a letter from Tammy E Peden that said:
“It is a pleasure to represent you and I look forward to reuniting you with your family.”

My heart almost exploded!  It’s my hope that every one that supports my efforts to make parole will write support letters on my behalf and send them to her at:

Tammy E. Henderson Peden
Attorney at Law
7100 Regency Square Blvd # 160
Houston, TX 77036

Feel free to express your other concerns!