5 Man Team Brutalized Prisoner at Allred

Today the guards beat a friend of mine. They ran the 5 man extraction
team in on him. When they knocked him to the ground they started
punching him in his face, slamming his head on the concrete and one
guard was intentionally and maliciously trying to pull his eyes out!

The guards on the Allred Unit, especially the ones that work in Ad-Seg
have an extensive history of beating inmates, starving inmates,
encouraging inmates to commit suicide and they recently pulled an
inmates eyeball out!

I know society thinks criminals are all bad people but do we deserve
to be treated like this? The guards intentionally create a conflict
like writing us bogus cases, denying us our food, etc. so they can
beat us and mistreat us! I have witnessed guards tell prisoners- we
love to run the team- it is fun to beat dumbass inmates! The guards
actually get a thrill out of running the team on us so they can beat
the shit out of us! Alot of times the guards that creates the problem
are the ones that will be on the team! An they openly tell us: Don’t
catch that pussy when we came!

The Rank allows the guards to mistreat us and regardless if we have
proof that the guard was lying, etc. The Rank will not have no
understanding because that is his co-worker and TDCJ’s motto is
“taking care of our own”.

The abuse that is occuring on the unit is excessive force and it is
being done for recreational purposes!

The following list is the type of abuse the guards are using to
torture and terrify prisoners:

1. When the team is used- Regardless if the inmate is resisting they
will punch, choke, try to break the inmates legs, arms, and fingers,
and intentionally slam the inmates head on the ground, and try to pull
the inmates eyes out.

2. The Rank is praying inmates in their face with chemical agents
while they are in handcuffs, shackled, and on the ground.

3. If an inmate is depressed ro suicidal. guards tell them “the only
way I’m calling psych is if you cut or hang yourself” they do this so
they can spreay the inmate.

4. They are putting us in cells that is ice cold with no clothes,
blankets, etc. So we will have to suffer,

5. They are jacking us for our food

It is my profound hope that you will help us by filing complaints,
calling state representatives, etc.

The Rank has repeatedly threatened to cross me out and to Fuck me off
if I don’t stop filing complaints. They have done crossed me out and
denied me my blood pressure medication for 5 days and confiscated my
few books and dictionaries to attempt to stop me from exposing their

As you know guards have already threatened to murder me, hope that I
suffer and encouraged me to castrate myself! What do they have to
murder me or severley hurt me before any action is taken?!!

I know together we have the power to shut this abuse down! Not only
on the Allred Unit, but all over TDCJ! It is documented that guards
all over TDCJ are beating and torturing inmates@ When is enough
enough! I’m sick of watching this abuse! It makes me cry and so mad
to see the guards hurt my friends that are just fighting a corrupt and
oppressive system that is designed to break us, to torture us and to
murder us!

I won’t lie to you I hate these pigs!

I hate the system so much it give me the strength and the courage to
stand up and fight back and to tell the ones that want to hurt me-
Fuck you! I’m not going to shut up and I don’t care what you do!

But at the same time, I’m not a fool! LOL! Thats why I continuously
ask for your support because really you are the only protection I have
and it would mean a lot to me if you will help me help all the inmates
on the Allred Unit! Thank you!

The person I mention here is: Jamal Alexander 1655384