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We are Austin Anarchist Black Cross, and we also act as Vanessa’s support team.
Our mission statement is:
“We define a prisoner as anyone who is imprisoned within the confines of an illegitimate, oppressive system or structure. These structures and systems include, but are not limited to: the prison industrial complex, the capitalist system and the inequality it breeds, institutionalized and socialized homophobia, sexism, racism, hierarchy, and classism, and the prison of coercion. As a prison abolition collective, the Austin Anarchist Black Cross wishes to among other things, abolish all prisons and institutions that wish to incarcerate free and autonomous individuals. The Austin Anarchist Black Cross collective believes in a consensus based community and life for all people.”
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We work primarily with inmates in Texas, with a focus on trans inmates, those in solitary confinement, and incarcerated workers.  We met Vanessa through organizing with Jan 22, an international day of solidarity with trans inmates.
All posts by Vanessa were written by her.  We have close correspondence with her, and transcribe her blog entries for accessibility.

Please feel to get in touch with us to request more info, or to get further involved!  We are a small collective of volunteers who make every attempt to respond as quickly as possible – with that said, if you don’t hear back within a week, shoot us another message.