V and friend respond to attack on Muhlaysia Booker

Vanessa and a friend (who chose to remain anonymous) both wrote about the recent attack on a trans woman named Muhlaysia Booker in Dallas. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/15/us/transgender-woman-dallas.html

“My heart goes out to the trans-woman in Dallas who was brutally beaten by a real piece of shit! This senseless beating really pisses me off! And I wish I could have been there to protect her from this man! I promise you that he would not have beat you like he did!

I hate people like him and I’m not apologizing! I hope he comes to prison and gets beaten & hopefully killed! But the truth: He’ll get off!

Hopefully, this will be a wake up call for the community! If we don’t protect each other – the next attack might be on you! There are a lot of people that hate us and will kill us! To me it don’t make any sense why a lot of gay & trans people are passive and don’t believe in having guns, etc!

I strongly believe that if you can legally own a gun, buy 100 of them and learn to use them and don’t hesitate to defend yourself! I hope the trans community will come together and make sure that this woman is treated right, and help her pay her medical bills, etc!

Stay Strong,

Today I listened in anger and horror to the NBC World News about a transgender woman in a Dallas being attacked, and instead of being initially helped by the crowd that gathered, they jumped in to help her assailants beat and kick her. Eventually some women stepped in and pulled her to safety and called the police. All of this started from a traffic accident, but let’s get real people, that was just the excuse for LGBT hatred to once again show its ugly face in spectacular fashion. Ever since the running of that bigot we call our President, and his eventual election, we have seen more and more blatant hate crimes rise up in our nation. A nation that is supposed to be founded on freedom
and equality. We are not equal, we are tolerated, and we are most definitely not free, even though we walk amongst society. We are prisoners in our own fear that one day that could be “me” getting beaten, raped, or murdered in cold blood just because my mind and soul doesn’t fit the body it was imprisoned in.

Just as the universe is a macrocosm and the human body itself being the microcosm, so is the correlation between the free world society and the penitentiary society. As a transgender woman incarcerated in TDCJ, I and others like me, are confronted daily with the threat of violence, discrimination, and open hostility. The same hatred and persecution from religious sects and small minded bigots our brothers and sisters face out there, we suffer from in here. Just on a bigger and more concentrated level because we are surrounded by gang members, and religious zealot converts who hate our very existence.

Throughout the rest of my day as I laid here on this lumpy ass mattress, I contemplated what would become of this woman’s attackers. This was clearly a hate crime, but being this is Texas, I doubt they will get more than a slap on the wrist. Hopefully because of it being national news, the Feds will have to pick it up and get involved, but considering the political climate we live in, I wouldn’t be surprised if our Idiot-in-Chief doesn’t invite them to the White House and appoint them to his depleted staff.

For those of you who are reading this that are transgender and have done nothing so far to revolutionize for our rights to exist, you need to get up of your butts and do something, even if it’s nothing more than sign a online petition to create law to protect our safety and equality or a call to your congressmen and women. For those that I know fight for those rights daily such as ABC Austin and Trans Pride Initiative in Dallas, I salute you. Last but not least i would like to say thanks and give love to all of the transwomen and transmen incarcerated around the world who have suffered but yet still fight for what we believe in: Equality.

In Love and Solidarity,
TDCJ Hughes Unit


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