Ad-Seg is designed to break a person’s spirit

Ad-Seg is designed to break a person’s spirit.”
by Vanessa, April 2018.

I’m writing this to draw attention to the harsh living conditions people in Ad-Seg are forced to live in.

For too long TDCJ has used Ad-SEg as a way to break a person mentally and physically.

I have been in Ad-Seg close to 23 years. I came to Ad-Seg when I was 18 years old. I’m 40 years old now!

I have witnessed people commit suicide. In fact, when I was in lock up waiting to come to Ad-Seg, a friend of mine told me he was going to kill himself, and I told the guard. The guard did not take him seriously. When he came back, he was hanging! By the time they finally got him down, he was braindead! He lived next door to me and I could hear his body banging against the bars! It made me cry and deeply affected me! He was 17 years old! His family filed a lawsuit and settled it in 2003 or 2004.

Some people cannot deal with the pressure of being locked in a small cell! It causes them to panic!

Over the years I have witnessed alot of people lose their minds in Ad-Seg and brutalize their bodies! One time I heard this guy screaming: Get out of me, and he pulled his eyes out and threw them on the run!

I have attempted to kill myself 3 times. I got deeply depressed and started to panic, and before I realized it I was trying to hang myself! I jumped up and tore my fan cord off of my fan, tied it to the light. I put my jacket on, then I put the noose around my neck, pulled my arms into the jacket – so I couldn’t grab the cord – and jumped!

The whole time I remember saying: I can’t do this no more! I was crying and I could not calm down.

What I experienced is common in Ad-Seg! Something about being closed in affects a person in serious ways!

Of course not all people in Ad-Seg kill themselves, etc. Ad-Seg affects people differently. Some people cannot deal with it, and they either commit suicide, mutilate their bodies or become completely insane. Some prisoners pop pills to cope, etc. And alot of people use the time in Ad-Seg to educate themselves, and learn how to draw, etc.

When I came to Ad-Seg I could not read or write. After I learned to cope with being in Ad-Seg, I started teaching myself to read, write, draw and do arts and crafts.

There is no doubt in my mind that if an outside agency did an in-depth study about Ad-Seg and actually interviewed inmates and requested to see their mental health records – they would discover that a large percentage of the inmates in Ad-Seg are suffering from some type of mental illness!

In fact, all they would have to do is inquire how many Ad-Seg inmates go to TDCJ mental health hospitals! TDCJ’s mental hospitals stay full, and a large percentage of these inmates are in Ad-Seg!

If people in society realized how much money TDCJ spends on psychotropic medication, they would be shocked!

Alot of inmates in prison – especially in Ad-Seg are popping all kinds of pills! It is the only way they can cope! But they don’t realize that psychotropic medications not only get them high – but it changes the chemical balance of their brain, and after years of abusing this medication, they become seriously fucked up! I don’t know no other way to describe how it ruins a person!

Ad-Seg is designed to break a person’s spirit. Whoever designed Ad-Seg fully realized the true effects it would have on a person especially if the person did years in Ad-Seg.

Most people who are in Ad-Seg have done long periods of time in Ad-Seg. It is common to meet people who have done over 20 years in Ad-Seg!

Being in Ad-Seg for any amount of time is a constant mental battle! If a person is not mentally strong and able to cope with being locked in a small cell 23 hours a day, Ad-Seg will crush a person!

Ad-Seg is basically a deprivation chamber! The cells are designed in a way that it deprives a prisoner of healthy stimulations that are needed to keep them mentally and physically healthy.

The following designs are purposely created to break a person mentally:

  1. Color scheme. Every thing in the cell is an off white or a dull color. It is well known that dull colors will cause a person to become depressed and less active! Bright colors stimulate a person mentally and make them happy, cheerful, and active.
  2. The lights. The cell lights are used to deprive a person of deep sleep. The guards routinely keep the cell lights on at all hours or they will use their flashlight and shine it into a cell. Regardless if a person can sleep with the cell lights on – it still deprives a person of deep sleep, and they find themselves always tired, sluggish and depressed.
  3. Sleep deprivation. The guards wake us up at night time every 15 minutes. They claim they do it to make sure we are alive, etc. The guards might not mean any harm because they are just following policy. But whoever designed the policy designed it to cause sleep deprivation. It is a well known fact that if a person does not get at least 8 hours of sound sleep, it causes their brain to deteriorate.

Alot of inmates are in Ad-Seg because they have behavior problems – they are violent, aggressive, rebellious, etc. So the only way to really deal with us – is to break us down on a mental level! What is the best way to do this? I think the most effective way is to deprive a person of sleep and of healthy stimulations. If you could see how strict and oppressive Ad-Seg is, you would fully realize why alot of prisoners in Ad-Seg are suffering from mental illness!

We basically have NO activities in Ad-Seg. For example: I have not watched TV for close to 24 years! I have a few times – but it was for a few minutes. When I did get to watch TV it made me motion sick and when I closed my eyes I seen a roil of different colors flashing.

In addition, we are not allowed to go to school or interact with others.

It is my hope that we can force TDCJ to provide prisoners in Ad-Seg with more time out of our cells, TVs, educational programs and access to craft shops. Hopefully you will get involved and help Ad-Seg prisoners by calling your state representative and request that Ad-Seg be abolished or at least to provide us with more activities.

As always, I’m grateful to have your support!

Thank you! -V