V Points Our Hypocrisy In Court System


Today the Asst. Attorney General of Texas – Christopher Lindsey filed for summary judgment trying to get my law suit against Officer Jean-Baptiste dismissed. In his motion, he is telling the Court that I did not state a valid constitutional claim for retaliation because Jean-Baptiste did not actually cause me physical injury. In other word – he did not kill me or attempt to blow my head off!

I find this outrageous because this basically allows prison guard to torture prisoners and as long as they don’t actually cause physical injury there is absolutely nothing a prisoner can do about it!

Ever since Congress enacted the Prison Litigation reform Act – prison officials have essentially been given a green light to abuse prisoners, and from years of doing legal work I have seen a pattern – The Attorney General advises prison officials how to abuse inmates and get away with it! They openly tell them not to cause physical injury! You can read any brief the State has filed concerning use of force law suits – and you will see this pattern, and the Courts agree with them!

Also he told the Court that when Officer Jean-Baptiste made the threat to shoot me in the back of my head – he was in the privacy of his own home, therefore he has a First Amendment right to say whatever he wants to! I wish this was true but we know it isn’t! If you or I get on Facebook and make a threat to kill someone – we are violating the law and we will be arrested so fast it would make your head spin around in a circle!

I previously asked the Court if I posted this same comment directed at Mr. Trump – would it be protected by the First Amendment freedom of speech clause. Of course he did not answer my question. I also told the court that I don’t like Ken Paxon but it don’t give me the right to threaten to kill him or cause him bodily injury!

I find this double standards and hypocrisy to be scary because these pigs can do whatever they want to regardless of what the law says!

If they will not follow the law – why should we? I understand that we will go to prison or be killed if we just did whatever the hell we wanted to – but I swear I’m sick of these people and I can’t wait until there is complete anarchy in America because I’d love to be the first person that stomps the U.S. constitution into dust and set it on fire because it is worthless and a complete joke!!!!