Update from V: Positive News!

Letter post dated 4/26/2018

Good news! Today I got my shot which was a major relief! Also I got my bras back – well I was issued 3 new ones. This time I have been issued my property papers. Hopefully this will make it harder for the guards to take them. Thank you for all your help!!

I did something I never thought I’d do! I shaved my head completely bald! It took a lot of guts! But I got so tired of all the guards harassing me and I decided that I’m not going to let my hair define who I am or how pretty it makes me! It was greatly inspired by Ms. Nora’s artwork. Before I shaved my head, I looked at her art, and pictured myself bald – and to be honest, I kinda look like Ms. Nora! I applied my eyeliner, etc a little darker. So fuck it, I’m going to rock it from now on! Hopefully I’ll be able to post a picture soon.

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