Bras Confiscated & Denied Estrogen Shots at Clements Unit

On 4/10/2018 state classification assigned me to the William P. Clements Unit in Amarillo, Texas. When I was told I was being assigned to the Clements High Security Unit, I wanted to cry! I was so pissed – it hurt!
 I wasn’t here for a hot five minutes and I started having problems! First, they confiscated my bras. They told me it was the rules because I have to have a valid pass issued for this unit.
 I swear I’m sick of them taking my bras! I’m thinking about stop wearing a t-shirt! I came up with a new saying: No Bra, No T-Shirt! Smile! But I’m only going to do this when the warden, major, captain, etc, walk around!
When you scream NO T-Shirt – you can’t have no bra on! LOL!

Trust me, I have done filed a truck load of complaints! It doesn’t make no sense for them to do this – because my pass was issued by TDCJ! This makes it valid on any unit! I’m not for sure if you know – but in TDCJ we have to have property papers for almost everything – like: radio, hot pots, fan, etc. These papers are valid systematically! It does not matter what unit I go to – these property papers are valid! We don’t have to get them reissued every freaking time we go to a new unit!
It is my goal to get the director of TDCJ to make a new rule that bra passes are valid anywhere in TDCJ!

The problem is that each unit can basically make their own unit policy. Which is cool, but there are some issues like bra passes – that should not be left up to the units to decide because like in my situation, of course this affects other transwomen – it allows the guards to abuse me!
I guarantee you that if I had a prosthetic leg, etc they would not confiscate my leg until I got a pass issued by the unit!
Well – knowing how fucked up the guards are, I wouldn’t be surprised if they beat me up and took my leg! I know this sounds wild, but they recently run the 5 man team in on a transwoman to take her bras!
 I don’t know her by name, but I’m trying to reach out to her. When I do, I will get her to write in about her experience and post it!

In addition to the bra drama, I have not had my estrogen shot in 10 days! I’m suppose to get my shoot every 14 days. It was due on 4/11/2018. I have filed complaints, etc, and I still have not received it!

There is some good news! In the past 2 months – at least 5 guards have been stabbed! The guards on the Clements Unit have an extensive history of beating and murdering inmates. Every time they run the team in inmates, the inmate is being beaten, head busted open, etc. So the inmates are fighting back!
Of course I don’t support violence – I realize this only allows them to justify their abuse.

Since I’m here, I’d like to draw attention to this abuse! Believe it or not, when people in society call, make complaints, etc, talk to the media – it does make the rank stop brutalizing us etc.
If you haven’t read the zine I wrote about guard brutality, I encourage you to because it will open your eyes to what goes on in prison!
Hopefully I can get your help! If you will, I’d like to have as many people I can get to call the director of TDCJ, and flood the unit with phone calls! As always, I appreciate your support!

Love ya!


No Bra, No T-Shirt! Smile!

P.S. I talked to the unit classification committee about the guards sexually harassing me – and the captain told me: if you don’t have any proof – I can’t help you! What a jerk!

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