TDCJ Spokesperson James Clark covers up investigation

Letter dated 1/30/2018
Post date: 2/15/2018

It never fails to amaze me how fast prison officials will lie – tell bold face lies to cover up guard brutality!  As many of you know, in 2016 the Texas Observer reported that TDCJ guards were inciting violence against me for appealing the dismissal of my lawsuit.  In this article the observer interviewed  Jason Clark – TDCJ’s spokesperson.  He told the Observer that TDCJ is investigating the guards post.  See the article.  THIS IS A BOLD FACE LIE! AND I HAVE PROOF THAT MR CLARK LIED TO THE TEXAS OBSERVER!

Last year I filed a lawsuit against the guard for retaliating against me, and the District Judge denied the guard qualified immunity and set a trial date. I recently filed for a discovery – trying to find a copy of this investigation that Mr. Clark told the Texas Observer that TDCJ was conducting. On 1, 26, 2018 Mr Clark filed an affidavit telling the court that TDCJ did not investigate these claims, and there is no record of an investigation!

Mr Clark is either committing perjury or he flat out lied to the Texas Observer to cover up this abuse or to allow it to continue!  I’m begging all my supporters/ friends to raise hell about this and contact different media groups and tell them about this and send them a copy of the Texas Observer article and a copy of the Affidavit he filed, and demand be resign because he is blatantly violating the law by committing perjury and by filing the to investigate guard brutality!

I truly believe things happen for a reason!  And I believe this happened at a perfect time because it gives us proof that prison officials cannot be trusted to tell the truth or to investigate serious guard misconduct! They even lied on the response to my step one grievance! I was told this was being addressed on a divisional level- but this shows that it was not!

I just filed a motion to compel TDCJ to disclose this report and I also explained to the court that TDCJ is either lying to the court or to the media – attempting to block me from getting a copy of this investigation! I think TDCJ did investigate and found a lot of guards online threatening to kill me and committing other violatons and this is just an attempt to cover it up!

Also the guard is lying! He told the court he is not aware of other guards attacking me! He was online talking to other guards!

Guess what he claims one to the back of the head means? He claims: a slap to the back of the head!!! LOL! I can’t help but to laugh out loud because this idiot is so full of shit it hurts and I hope it backfires on him!

I WOULD LOVE TO SEE EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM PUT ON TRIAL FOR CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION – KIND OF LIKE WAR CRIMINAL TRIALS – AND BE FOUND GUILTY.  These people are guilty of some serious crimes and they are never held accountable! These same people would put you in prison for the rest of your life because you are addicted to drugs or for violating the law! TDCJ and these clowns – the Attorney Generals – are the biggest liars in the world!!!

It blows my mind how society puts up with these two-faced standards! It’s fine for them to commit crimes – but we will be tossed in prison for the rest of our lives for simple crimes!

I won’t lie, this has my blood boiling! But it don’t discourage me – it only makes me more determined to expose them for what they are – corrupt, lying, two-faced criminals!

Please share this with your friends and let others know what is happening, and if you can contact reporters!!!  Love ya! -V



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