“TDCJ Chat Line” Drawing

One thing I admire about V is her ability to use humor (albeit dark humor) to deal with a difficult situation.  In this case, related to her lawsuit pending against Baptiste , she drew this depiction of a “TDCJ chat line”.

It starts with a a reporter screaming “BREAKING NEWS! A TDCJ Inmate is seeking a sex change and wants you to pay for it!” (this refers to a local news station that reported on Vanessa, mocked her, and off camera the reporter asked her “Do you believe in God? Because he doesn’t make mistakes, and he made you a man.”

Next a guard says “let that fucker suffer” (which a guard actually did say in the same comment section on FB that Baptiste proclaimed “one to the back of the head”

The nurse at the Hughes unit says “the law suit that was filed claims that TDCJ is violating ‘her’ rights” (the quotations are important here, because V is often misgendered and sometimes mocked by prison staff for being trans.

A guard says “Trans prisoners don’t need make up!  TDCJ can give Gibson a state razor – cut your dick off!” (this incident happened to her last year at the Hughes Unit)

A target is seen over V’s head, with a speech bubble from her that says “I love you X!” (that is me, her friend/comrade who runs this blog), “take your best shot!”

A prisoner says “It’s a shame TDCJ will give weirdos titties but I can’t get dentures!” – this is related to a recent incident V told me about in which when she went to commissary, a prisoner harassed her about her lawsuit and got defensive that he was not receiving dental care.  She calmly explained to him that she is not his enemy – and they must work together to fight their common enemy so they can both receive the healthcare they need.

An alien says “May Day – Mothership – get me the hell out of here and hurry up and build the wall before they make it to mars!” – I can only assume V means that she feels isolated, viewed as an outcast, and othered by everyone, in this case, even aliens.

Other characters pop up in the drawing that fetishize her for being a trans woman, which is something she is subjected to on a daily basis.

This is a rough draft for a larger drawing V is currently working on.



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