Good News Concerning Lawsuit

The good news keeps pouring in! Smile! My attorney, Mr. Stephen L. Braga, from the University of Virginia School of Law, sent me a copy of my appeal and OMG it is extremely wonderful!  I’m so grateful for his help! When it was filed, it caused the State to notify the court that another case has been stayed pending the resolution of my appeal.  The case is: Haverkamp v. Penn, No. 2:17-CV-18 (S.D. TEX. Corpus Christi Division).  I’m not certain but I believe it concerns another trans-prisoner that is seeking a sex change! This tells me that my case is shaking things up! Smile! If my case is reversed, it will give every Trans-person in Texas the right to seek medical care! This is huge and possibly sway other States to provide their trans-prisoners with SRS, etc!

I have faith that the court will reverse my case because in 2005 in a case called Praylor v. TDCJ the 5th cir. Court did rule that Gender Dysphoria was a serious medical need but then in an en banc ruling, decided not to, but assumed without ruling that it was a serious medical need! I think my case presents the right claims that will make the court rule that Gender Dysphoria is a serious medical need!! The State has really stuck its own foot in its mouth!  In my lawsuit – the State recognizes that Gender Dysphoria is a serious medical need! By doing so, it has basically paved the way for the court to make it official! If it does, I’m going to be one of the first prisoners in Texas to get a sex change!!  I can’t stop smiling because this is so important to me and a lot of other trans-prisoners!!  Plus, it’s a dream come true and it will end my stuffing and let me be whole!!!

I hope by June the court will make TDCJ give me a sex change!! Please keep your fingers crossed!



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