Bras Confiscated: Retaliation at Allred

Letter from Vanessa, post date 7/15/2017

Just when I started to believe the Administration/ Ranking Officials on the Allred Unit were changing their anti-Transgender stance and providing me with the items I’m required to have, they confiscate my bras claiming that my medical pass is void on the Allred Unit!  But the truth is they are retaliating against me because I have dared to challenge them and get my loved ones to file complaints on my behalf!  In fact, I talked to Warden Sarhan and he told me that he would make sure that Laundry washed my bras.  Some time went by and Laundry didn’t pick them up, so I filed a step 2 grievance and on 7.11.2017 the Necessities officer picked my bras up and I was like: Already it’s about time they do what’s right and decent.  But unfortunately 3 days go by and they didn’t bring my bras back and I spoke to Major West and then I was informed that my bras were being confiscated because my medical pass was void on this unit!

I honestly believe that Warden Surhand did do his job because when I talked to him, he was reasonable and told me that laundry was supposed to wash them.  I believe the Major and the Necessities Officer is the people that are retaliating against me because I have been filing complaints against them and they are trying to take my bras to give me a hard time or to get me to act out so they can beat me and take all my property!

When I talked to the Major I also expressed my views that it was unreasonable not to allow me to cover my cell window at shower time, and he told me I couldn’t, and I was like: I’d get a case and get beat up if I did? – and he shook his head yes!

I want people in society to know that I’m not acting out and I am following their rules!  I have even stopped using the shower in my cell so I don’t have to shower in front of other inmates.  I’m bathing!  Smile!  I have to rig my sink so I can but I’m getting clean and not compromising my integrity and self-respect!  Also I cut my hair really short and I plan to get Xy to get a picture of me with my hair short so it will be documented that I cut my hair and I am complying with the rules!

I want to make sure they cannot find any reason to write me cases, etc!  They have done showed that that they will play dirty games!

Hopefully you will help me get my bras back and to protect me by filing complaints on my behalf and to spread the word that I’m being mistreated!  I’d extremely appreciate your help in this matter!

Thank you,


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