Help Vanessa Make Parole in 2021

From Vanessa
letter dated:  1/1/2017
post date: 1/31/2017

Happy New Years!  I hope you and your family are in wonderful health and that the New Year brings you a lot of blessings.

I’m grateful for your continued support!  It means a lot to me to know that so many people are supporting my and care about me and other prisoners!

I want to thank:  Xy, Anna, Craig, Nell, Anya, Kit, KC and Kelley for the love yall have showed me!  Not being alone feels so good!  Thank you!

I’m one step closer to coming home!  2021 is not that far away!  It is my profound hope that I can get a lot of people to support my effort to make parole!  I need all the support I can get!  One message I’d like to get out is:  Why should I spend so much time in prison for defending myself when TDCJ would not!  I as beaten, raped, and forced to have sex with people I didn’t want to but did it as a means of survival!  I was told “stop acting like a woman”, “be a man or be someones bitch”, “man up” etc!

I’m in prison for an aggravated robbery and I served my whole sentence!  I know it’s not right to rob, etc – And I truly regret what I did!  But I never hurt anyone, I have never raped anyone, I have never murdered anyone prior to coming in prison!

I’m not denying that I killed the inmate.  Yes, I regret it!  I wish it would not have happened!  He was young like I was.  But I was scared and he told me he was going to kill me!  What am I supposed to do?  In prison – especially in the 90’s, if someone threatened to kill a person – it as for real!  They planned to get me!  In here – that means to kill, beat, etc.  I did not go to him, he attacked me and I defended myself!

When I come up for parole in 2021, I’ll be 42 years old.  I started my prison sentence when I was 16 years old!  It does not make any sense whatsoever to make me or anyone else spend the majority of their life in prison for a crime they committed when they were a teenager!

I committed the murder when I was 18 years old.  And I would not have if TDCJ hadn’t forced me to defend myself.  It is a known fact that young teenagers get raped, beaten, and forced to do unthinkable things against their will!

Congress conducted an investigation and found that 1000’s of prisoners were beaten and raped in TDCJ!

I’m at the age where if I was released, I will be able to return to society and build a decent crime free life.  I’m afraid if they hold me beyond 2021, this place will ruin me!  Prison slowly breaks a person down mentally and physically!

All I am asking for is a chance!  In 2021 I will have 27 years flat in prison.  If that is not enough time, what is?

If you believe I should make parole in 2017, I’d extremely appreciate it if you write support letters on my behalf to the Texas Parole Board.  I’d extremely appreciate your help!


3408 S. State Hwy. 36
Gatesville, TX 76528
254-865-2629 Fax

David G. Gutiérrez, Chair
(Chairman’s Office: 254-404-2701)

Lee Ann Eck-Massingill, Parole Commissioner

Roel Tejada, Parole Commissioner


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