Jan 22 2017 International Day of Solidarity with Trans Prisoners

I’m excited about this years Jan 22.  I truly believe it will be awesome and a lot of bonds and friendships will be built!  It means the world to me that you care about trans prisoners!  Without your love and support this place would truly be a living nightmare for Trans women because so many people want to abuse us, force us to have sex, beat us, etc!  So never think your support is a waste of time, etc!

I encourage you to continue supporting Trans prisoners and the groups that work with us, because without your support, they cannot afford to support Trans prisoners, etc.

It is my hope that this year, all the Jan 22 supporters will focus on TDCJ and file 1000’s of complaints on how TDCJ denies us medical care, refuses to hold guards accountable for abusing us, making it hard for us to be placed in safe keeping, etc.

I love you!  Don’t give up on us!



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