Farewell 2016

A note from X –
I limit my own voice on this blog, but thought I’d share this letter that touched my heart because 2016 has been such a turbulent year on a personal level, and for many whom I support on the inside.  Meeting Vanessa has definitely been one of the more positive things that has happened to me in recent years -and for every tiny fracture we create within TDCJ, my hope for a world without such confines seems to become more attainable.  As our friendship grows, the walls don’t seem so concrete.  I know that since this blog was started, we have created conversations that may have otherwise never happened – and that’s no small accomplishment.  While activists, especially prison abolitionists, may feel helpless in the face of such monumental structures of oppression –  digging to unearth the raw humanity makes this work so rewarding.  Finding the strength to challenge the unthinkable.  Finding love through concrete and bullet proof glass.  Finding comfort in all your rage, using it as fuel against your enemies.  Here’s to another year of fighting relentlessly for a less fucked up world.


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