Baptiste returns to the Hughes Unit

Post date 12/10/2016, letter received on 12/16/2016:

Today, 12/9/2016, I had  a real shocker! I was returning to my cell from group, and as I came out into the Main Hall Way, I seen Officer Baptiste who recently threatened to shoot me in the back of my head! I was shocked speechless! I had a million thoughts racing around my head but I couldn’t even say anything. I was peeved not only cuz I couldn’t confront him but because I think it’s so wrong for TDCJ to allow this jerk to be anywhere around me!

It is against the law for him to threaten to murder me and TDCJ is not taking this matter seriously! What does he have to do murder me or hurt before they take the appropriate action against him?

I don’t take this matter lightly because I have witnessed guards murder inmates, beat them half to death, and even brag about it. This shows that TDCJ does not punish officers for violating inmates rights. Let me assault a guard or threaten a guard and I will be in a world of trouble!

Now I have to constantly worry if this officer will beat me or even worse!

I’m requesting you please help me compel TDCJ to at least not allow him to work around me. Without outside help this officer will not be held accountable! I’d extremely appreciate it if you’d immediately respond and take action!



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