Vanessa files criminal charges against guard who made threatening comment on Facebook

On November 1, 2016 I requested the OGI on my unit to file criminal charges against officer J. Baptist for threatening to shoot me in the back of the head.  To me this is despicable, evil, and worthy of a lengthy prison sentence because it was an unnecessary attack on me!  I have known this officer since he started working for TDCJ and I have never once gave him any problems, never disrespected him, etc.  To be honest, it really rattled me because he works in Ad-seg where I’m currently housed and it’s impossible not imagining him coming to work and walking up to my cell and shooting me to death!
Plus, TDCJ is quick to file criminal charges against against prisoners for anything and I believe if an officer violates the law, TDCJ should file criminal charges- but it don’t and it is really hard for prisoners to file criminal charges ourself!
The main reason I’m filing criminal charges is to let the officers know that they can’t abuse transgender prisoners and get away with it!  If I don’t push the issue, it will basically tell them “we really don’t care” and it could allow them to actually murder me or another trans prisoner!  Prison guards have an extensive history of abusing us and when they get comfortable and know nothing is going to be done about it, they get bold and fearless and do unthinkable things!
I’m going to file a civil rights complaint against him for retaliating against me for filing a lawsuit against TDCJ!  It’s clear from the threat that he was mad at me fur suing TDCJ because in a lot of peoples eyes, inmates waste tax dollars when we file lawsuits,etc.  I hear it all the time and 99% of the officers I have talked to are avidly opposed to trans prisoners getting treatment!
I’d like to know how you feel about this guard talking about murdering me!  Do you think it’s serious?  Or not serious?  Hopefully you think it’s serious and support me in filing criminal charges!  If you are, I’d appreciate it if you would file a complaint with the Correl Country District Attorney’s office on my behalf and demand that criminal charges be filed against him!  Also, I’d like you to share the news report about the guard killing me with your friends on Facebook, etc.
As always, I extremely appreciate your support and concern!



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