They Said I Couldn’t

Vanessa’s friend Ty, who is also a trans woman incarcerated at the Alfred Hughes Unit, wrote the following beautiful poems about Vanessa’s recent victory in receiving a bra.

They Said I Couldn’t
They said I’ll never be able to achieve it
To have a bra I must be dreaming
But I fought until the end
Determining how it began
I did what they said I couldn’t
I got a bra and it can’t be taken
I’m wearing proud because I’m a woman
Their opinion is always foreign
They won the battle, I won the war
Determination evens the score
Whatever picture I choose to paint
Can’t no one tell me that I can’t!

Victory is what she claims
Amazing in all things
Noble describes her best
Excellent with no contest
Survivor of tribulations
Significant in all relations
Admirable, can’t you see?
Vanessa is who she be!


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