Vanessa exploited by local news station

Repost from an ABC member:

“Content warning: transphobia, transmisogyny, brief mention of r*pe, state violence

My ears are ringing and I feel sick with anger. My good friend Vanessa, a trans woman who Austin Anarchist Black Cross has been supporting since she wrote to us back in November, recently got an interview with KWTX News 10. Currently she’s filed a lawsuit against TDCJ for a blanket ban they have on sex changes. Vanessa self harms and suffers from extreme gender dysphoria. Though she is on hormones, she needs reassignment surgery to alleviate her from thoughts of suicide and allow her to live as her true self, and provide hope for other trans women who feel the same way. She wrote me a few weeks ago expressing excitement that finally she was getting media attention and had the opportunity to broadcast her story. She wrote me again after the interview and said “At first the interviewer said he would be fair to me and call me Vanessa, but toward the end he called me HE and would only call me Scott”.. she went on to tell me that she was mentally prepared for this, and she thought she answered all his Q’s to the best of her ability.
After watching this, I wanted to scream. They misgendered her throughout the whole thing, gave her like 10 seconds of air time, constantly brought up her convictions referring to her as a “killer” and a “murderer”. Not once did they mention that she acted in self defense because she was raped, which is the fate of most trans women in prison. I would kill my rapist too, ruthlessly and unapologetically. I don’t know if I have the heart to write to her and tell her how they spinned the story. I am working on creating a petition aimed at her judge to gain some more attention and put pressure on them to make the right decision. Trans women do not belong in mens facilities. Trans women are women. Trans women should get medical attention, including surgery (if they desire) to alleviate gender dysphoria. There is hope that she will win, but she needs a lot of support right now.
Please share her story with ‪#‎justiceforvanessa‬ – consider writing her a letter or a postcard to tell you that she’s got support and she’s not alone – you can come by an ABC letter writing night or PM me for her address. When the petition is made, sign it and circulate! We’ll also be doing an on-going call in to TDCJ (more on that soon) – we are limited in that we cannot provide direct legal support, BUT working outside the legislative system can be JUST AS EFFECTIVE. I’m all about abolition, not reform – but in Vanessa’s case, her very survival relies on these short-sighted changes.

Per her request, I am sending her screen-caps from the interview and “letting her know what my friends thought” – please leave a comment for her with #justiceforvanessa to show solidarity – I will make a document with all your responses and print that out for her to send out by Friday! ”

Watch the two part interview here:



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