“I See Your Hate” – A Poem by Vanessa

I See Your Hate     by:  Vanessa

I can see the hate blazing
in your eyes as you wave 
your signs
smeared with hate.

I know you want to kill me
I know you say you don’t like me
I know on your eyes
I’m just a weirdo in womens clothes
you can call me mr, sir, hey man
all you want to because
I don’t care what you think about
me or my friends
who the fuck are you to tell me
who I’m not!
How can you declare
God hates me
when he is the one
 that created me!

I know you laugh 
when you read in the newspaper
that a
  transwoman was killed or beaten
you can laugh all you want to
but it will not stop us!

and I’m not ashamed of my tears
we have had our bones broken
faces smashed
eyes blackened
and faces sliced wide open,
and some of our bones will never be found
they’re rotting in a shallow grave

knowing this,
I refuse to be 
anyone you want me to be.
I’d rather die for our rights
then to let you win.

you can tear  stonewall down
but you can’t because it’s meaning
it’s meaning is bigger than anything 
you can understand
so before you cross that yellow line
you better know we are not going to run
I can see your hate
and I know you cannot stand me
or what I stand for
and really I don’t care
and everything will be ok
as long as you stay across that line!

I stand strong and I encourage war,
because I know if we don’t fight 
for eachother
we’ll be rottin’ bones in a shallow grave
a pleasant secret
profound moment in a haters fucked up mind!

I don’t ever forget 
when you kicked me in the face
because I had lipstick on
It might not have been you personally
but your hatred is the same
I see it written all over your face


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