“Dysphoria” – A Poem by Vanessa

Dysphoria   By: Vanessa

I hate you,
I can’t stand you
I live to kill you!

every time I look in the mirror and see 
you look back at me
I want to smash your face
and slice your 
and escape from your nasty
and sickening body that 
imprisoned me in
I twist your thing
so I can feel your pain

If I could, 
I’d kick you in your nuts
and laugh at your when 
you scream in agony
because you defile my beauty
with your genitals
and when I cry
you laugh at me-
telling me you won‘t leave.
so when I cut you this time,
I’ll be the one laughing
 your eyes roll back
into your head and your
blood gushes out like
a raging river that acknowledges
no boundaries.

you just don’t understand 
I can’t continue being 

It tears me apart,
each day I lay in bed
with the covers pulled over 
my head,
wishing I’d die.
I have to tried to kill you before
and eventually I will!
I swear,
I will laugh and beg the Doctor 
to take his sweet time
you down the middle
and cutting your balls off.
I want to feel that pain so bad because
that’s the only way I’ll be free.


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